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EMS First Response Backpack

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Weight (approx) 1,56 kg
Dimensions (approx) 21 × 37 × 45 cm




Capacidad (Litros) (aprox.)


Recommended maximum content (Kg)


Pictures are only for reference. Colours may vary.

This emergency first response backpack has been specifically designed with the needs of those proving response services at large events such as concerts, sporting fixtures and festivals. The main body of the pack features a full length zip, with high-vis, fluorescent yellow pull cords, allowing immediate easy and access to the entire compartment. This main storage area is divided by fold-over panels with clear and mesh fronted pockets, providing exceptional organisational capacity and ensuring that contents can be quickly identified and retrieved, even when safely contained within their respective pouch. Additional elasticated strapping allows for “loose” items to be secured in place, keeping its contents organised and helping to prevent instruments from becoming damaged.

Two large side pockets and two front pockets further expand the pack’s capacity, providing abundant space for stowing diagnostic instruments, PPE and even a defibrillator where needed. A pocket at the base of the pack houses a pullout waterproof rain cover, ensuring this pack can always be kept clean and dry, even in the poorest of conditions.

  • Reenforced handle with velcro fastening for increased comfort and security. 
  • Fluorescent yellow zip pull cored for easy opening and high visibility.
  • Padded back and comfortable adjustable straps, including hip strap aiding weight distribution.
  • Two full length side pockets with high-vis trim.
  • Large front pocket with space to house a defibrillator.
  • Two folding internal panels providing highly organised storage.
  • Mesh and transparent fronted internal pockets ensure contents are visible even when closed.
  • Elasticated strapping to secure contents.
  • Deployable waterproof cover.
SKU: EM13.065 Categories: ,
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